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11/21/05 11:22 am - Lyrics of the Day

I don't know what's better, gettin laid or gettin paid
I just know when I'm gettin one, the other's gettin away

10/24/05 01:51 pm - Corpse Bride

My niece told me that she wanted to be the Corpse Bride for halloween, but didn't have a costume. I wanted to buy her one, but the children's ones are lame and too expensive. So, I made her one...including a trick-or-treat bag! The amazing part is, the measurements are perfect, but I didn't have them when I made it.


10/11/05 08:24 pm - An expression I just don't hear often enough...

"the juice ain't worth the squeeze"

9/8/05 07:18 pm - hee hee

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8/23/05 08:49 pm - Salwar Kameez

My classmate from Bangladesh gave me this today. I love it!

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

8/16/05 01:30 pm - Just overheard outside my window...

"I don't understand male-female things. And, if I ever sit down next to God I'm going to ask him, "What the hell were you thinking?""

8/7/05 09:52 pm

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8/3/05 04:37 pm - And, these are my favorites for Jon...

1. Jon is da bomb and he would whoop anybody in anything.
2. Jon is hired by Apple.
3. Jon is a worldwide flying sensation.
4. Jon is reluctant to indulge my irrational behavior, but we prepare to leave anyway.
5. Jon is your friend. Jon is your buddy.
6. Jon is a taxpayer, which serves him right: He voted for Bill Clinton.
7. Jon is way too fucking ethnic to win this competition.
8. Jon is burning goats for heat.
9. Jon is the kind of guy who asks out the skanky waitress at the diner.
10. Jon is one of the most popular artists in Hawaii...

8/3/05 03:55 pm - The Google Name Thingy...

I tried it out of curiousity and some were too good not to share.

1. Traci is thrilled at the opportunity to work at the Barn this summer.
2. Traci is going to get good tips with those boobs.
3. Traci is a true "Valley Girl".
4. Traci is absolutely right.
6. Traci is een schat, wel een beetje te opgewekt.
7. Traci is best known for winning the Ms. Galaxy Competition.
8. Traci is one of the many incarnations of the powerful, lovely princess, Pacita.
9. Traci is holding Ron's turtle when he starts to poop.
10. Traci is a comedy of relationship errors keenly written by an author I'm beginning to enjoy.

7/29/05 04:35 pm - Wholphin!

Next week I get to go to Sea Life Park, which apparently houses a wholphin!!
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