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12/18/06 06:04 pm

Do not falter, little donkey,
There's a star ahead.
It will guide you, little donkey,
To a Traci.

Little Donkey
from the Christmas Song Generator.

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10/1/06 08:50 am - LOST Premier

Originally uploaded by dogcow.
LOST Season 3 Premier in Waikiki, September 30th.

8/15/06 07:05 pm

I have posted a few pictures from my trip!


7/22/06 09:16 pm - Postcards

I'm collecting people's current addresses in order to send postcards from Japan...so, if you'd like one, please give me your address! I'm screening all comments, so don't worry, your address won't be publicly displayed.

6/5/06 08:47 pm - Japan

I applied to go to Japan with my job as an interchanger...and I found out today that I'm going! It's only for two weeks, but I'm so excited!

4/24/06 06:19 pm - I'm a great-auntie!

As of Saturday, 12:15am, I am a great-aunt to a healthy little boy! 6lbs 12.9oz. and 19" long!

For those of you that know her, Ashleigh was in labor for 15 hours! She's recovered and doing well!

Your thoughts and prayers for mommy and baby would be appreciated!

4/13/06 10:40 pm - Help Please!

I have a whole list of songs for the bachelorette party I'm hosting in a couple of weeks, but I'm looking for some more ideas. Basically, if it's a song about girls partying, dancing, etc or weddings or male genitalia then it should work. Thanks!

1/23/06 07:20 pm - Dead Valentine's

So, back in October I made my niece Hannah a corpse bride costume for Halloween. I finally got the pictures and Jon photoshopped (this word, by the way, is not caught by spell check...photoshopped is a word) one onto a Corpse Bride scene. They looked so cool that I thought Hannah might want them for valentines. What I wasn't thinking was that I was going to have make them. Have you ever written valentine's where the theme was death? Here is what I came up with. If you have any ideas, please pass them on!

ValentinesCollapse )

1/15/06 08:05 pm - Look who's engaged!

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11/23/05 05:27 pm

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Your capable first mateguster4lovers
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Is the comical pirate who is always drunk on groghalchedog
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